Coffee Roasting Process Control Lamps

Through numerous tests performed both in laboratories and roasting plants, undertaken with the assistance of experimented roasters and tasters, we were able to determine the frequency range and light intensity used by our MiraTeck lamps to analyze roasted coffee.

The following images show he differences obtained by illuminating the same sample with diverse light sources.

Fluorescent Lamp


Halogen Lamp

Comparing the images, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • The illumination provided by the FaciTeck lamp displays pronounced differences amongst beans, by both degree of roast, and by the defects they originally had as green coffee beans – immature, “stinker”, etc. Also, beans shine differently, thereby displaying variances in oil migration to the surface, an indication of the degree of roast.
  • With the illumination provided by fluorescent lamps, the differences amongst beans cannot be discerned as easily, since that type of illumination does not provide the frequencies in the red, yellow and orange ranges required to analyze roasted beans.
  • Halogen illumination homogenizes bean color — a flat image – therefore, it is not a good alternative.
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