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We are the exclusive representatives of AMVT, a United States based company that is the exclusive agent of MEYER for the Americas. The equipment supplied by MEYER to AMVT is manufactured and tested to meet the rigorous standards demanded by the United States and Canada; thus, the sorters supplied by FaciTeck meet those strict standards. The territories in which we act as AMVT agents are Central America, the Caribbean, Panamá and Colombia.

MEYER is an advanced technology company specialized in image detection and optical sorting, during more than twenty years, its efforts have been aimed towards assuring the quality and safety of industrial and food products. To date, it has provided advanced sorting and detection systems to more three million customers in over 100 countries.

All MEYER sorters have the following technical characteristics:

  • Digital system dedicated to high speed optical sorting — form and color
  • Wide flat trays, to increase throughput
  • Variable color LED illumination that allows the detection of defects with slight color differences
  • The capacity to use one, or several trays to reprocess simultaneously the first pass rejected product to obtain a highly concentrated reject stream.
  • High speed RGB-CCD proprietary color cameras, with a 5400-pixel resolution and capable of identifying 130 million shades of color
  • The capability of detecting extremely small defects by means of very low distortion lenses
  • Advanced image processing technology allows the rejection of low contrast defects
  • Low consumption, high speed, magnetic levitation ejectors, manufactured with proprietary technology, whose low wear assures long useful life
  • Uses artificial intelligence –AI – algorithms to optimize the sorting process
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostic of the equipment via Internet.
  • Double compressed air supply connections manifold, to ensure pressure stability when sorting high defect containing products
  • The sorter frame is manufactured from 1/8” steel plate by hydroforming, with 0.1mm tolerance, warranting process stability not obtainable with welded tube structures
  • Structure rigidity causes low distortion during the sorting process; thus, assuring optimum focus for the optical systems
  • All electronic and optical components are installed in hermetically sealed enclosures; thereby, not being disturbed by plant conditions
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We have divided the sorter models is two groups, in accordance with the type of product to be processed, the tabs in this page will guide you to the recommended models for your needs.

Given the ample variety of sorters produced by MEYER, our engineers will gladly help you select the model that will best suit your plant characteristics and product requirements.

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